I am Mareva!!! A few years ago, I discovered that I was lactose intolerant. My life changed. It was very difficult to adapt, as there is very little choice of good lactose-free products. So I started doing everything myself and discovered that I liked baking. I was a financial analyst at the European headquarters of a big American company. So I went to evening school to become a pastry chef. I left my job and opened the Café Mareva.

I'm not intolerant to gluten, but I feel better when I avoid white wheat flour. As a marathon runner and triathlete, I feel that my energy is more stable when I eat alternative flours, such as whole rice flour and dried fruit powders.

The objective of Café Mareva was and is to make products for the intolerant, who do not lose their flavor. There is no reason to be obliged to eat bland, flavorless products. We are tired of gluten-free and lactose-free muffins and cakes, that we can get everywhere. We want lemon meringue pies, Paris-Brest, quiches and also dishes with meat. Often the gluten-free or lactose-free dishes are vegetarian or vegan, but it's not because we're intolerant we're not carnivores!

“Gluten & lactose free products”

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